Senior Recognition

Sunday, May 20

 9:15Am(High School)

10:50am (college)

GFBC North Campus

Senior Recognition is a service designed completely in your honor as a High School or College Senior. High School seniors will be honored in our 9:15 service. College Seniors will be honored in our 11:00 service. 

Senior Robing

Sunday, May 20 | 5:30PM
GFBC South Campus - Fellowship Hall

Senior Robing is a meal and ceremony designed to recognize someone who has had a significant influence in your life. This event will honor both you and your honored guest. Student Ministry will pay for each senior and one honored guest. Additional reservations for family members may be made at a cost of $10 per person. Reservations are required and must be made no later than Monday, April 30th. 

*A minimum number of participants is required to make this event cost effective. A decision will be made on May 1st based on the number of registered participants as to whether or not we will have a Senior Robing ceremony.